For so long I thought I was crazy. I couldn't hold on to friends or trust those around me. I reacted impulsively with anger--even childishly at times. I was emotional and in constant fear. I knew I survived a very intense childhood resulting in being diagnosed with PTSD. I attended therapy on and off throughout my adult years. It helped, but I still thought I was the misfit that no one understood, hell, I didn't understand myself. I was hardly EVER in my body. I could talk about my childhood experiences as if they weren't my own.  

Do you relate?

Then one day I stumbled across Bessel van der Kolk's work and I was amazed! It all made sense.

 I wasn't crazy! AND I wasn't alone!!! 

Did you know there are actual changes in the make up of the brain for trauma survivors? I didn't. For example, when trauma occurs or is triggered, the Broca's area is disengaged resulting in speech impairment making talking about trauma almost preverbal. That's when survivors create a "cover story"--an overall ballooned picture of what it was like growing up. Also, the amygdala--your internal GPS system that warns you of danger, is constantly activated resulting in a fight, flight or freeze reaction. Imagine you're constantly in a state of high alert--danger's everywhere, you can't relax, you can't breathe. Then, someone approaches and you react. 

Learning about the neuroscience behind the affects of trauma made all the difference in the world for me. I could identify. Identifying has been crucial to my recovery. 

Did you know that one out of 6 children have been violated? That means there's a hell of a lot of survivors out there...

...Meaning, I'm not alone. You're NOT alone!! We're in this together. Are you ready to BE in the solution and take action? Let's stand hand-in-hand and rise up! Let's be the ONE voice of survivors! Let's show the world what we've got. AND damnit, we won't back down!!!

Many, many blessings,