This morning in meditation I heard "Healing is possible" as a meme to create for my business Instagram page. Then I thought how perfect it is for a blog! I believe and know healing IS possible through active love --- I’ve experienced it!!  Here's a blog I wrote about how I tapped into resiliency to heal C-PTSD and PTSD.


What is active love to me? It's when my insides match my outside actions.


I can walk through life protesting what a "lover" I am, but if my actions don't match my core truths then I'm out of alignment. I'm guilty of this. For example, I'll get my mojo on through prayer and meditation in the morning, and then I'll come to work and make little side comments, or get snippy with co-workers. YUCK!


What is this muck! It's that 4-letter "F" word --- F.E.A.R.


What's my antidote?

  • Awareness.
  • Coming back to my core truths.
  • Crowding out fear with L.O.V.E.
  • Asking my HP to help me show up as S/he have me be.
  • Rooting to the Earth.
  • Strengthening my life force.
  • Practicing Qigong.


How do you crowd out fear and come back to love?