Recovery can only take place within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation
— Judith Lewis Herman

Let's start by looking at the difference between Complex PTSD and PTSD. Complex PTSD or another name--Disorders of Extreme Stress Not Otherwise Specified (DESNOS)--is not the same as PTSD.

Complex PTSD / DESNOS, named by Judith Herman, diagnosis covers those who've lived through prolonged / repeated trauma typically by the hands of a caregiver such as: long-term child abuse; incest; and domestic violence. 

PTSD Survivors are those who've lived through events that occur for a time-limited duration such as: natural disasters and catastrophic events--ranging from a vehicle accident to the September 11th attack.

There are also varying symptoms between Complex PTSD & PTSD so the treatments are different. (I'll discuss treatments in another post)

Additional C-PTSD symptoms include:

  • persistent sadness
  • excessive shame
  • helplessness
  • feeling detached from the body
  • isolation
  • distrust
  • depersonalization
  • poor concentration
  • repeated search for a rescuer
  • suicidal thoughts
  • and despair, etc.

Now let's look at the difference between coaching and therapy.

A life coach is designed for Survivors who are ready to: identify obstacles; clarify goals; and make an action plan to achieve the desired goals.

In therapy, the Survivor is there to: focus on past trauma; painful feelings; and improve interpersonal relationships etc.

Therapy looks at the "why" and coaching looks at the "how". 

So, I combine the two, I coach C-PTSD Survivors who are ready to set goals and THRIVE. 

Why is coaching C-PTSD Survivors so important to me? Because I'm one!! Therapy did wonders for me! I'd gone to therapy for years and worked through a lot of tough shit--let's be honest, I'm still working through it. BUT, there came a point in time when I was ready to move forward, set some goals and LIVE life; that's when I found coaching.

Coaching is the gentle nudge I needed to hold myself accountable and ask myself "What do I want & how do I get there?"

I want to be that conduit for you!!!

You don't have to "be" your past trauma. You can make a difference NOW by sharing your experience, resiliency and HOPE! You can move forward. You can plan, set goals and live a fulfilling life!!!