I've often said "I feel more alone in a room full of people versus when I'm home by myself." One symptom of C-PTSD is difficulty in creating connections with others. I'm also a highly sensitive person and being around a large group of folks can be unsettling. All the noise, mixed energy and commotion is a lot for my senses. As a result, I unground and dissociate. This can be even more prevalent during the holidays and family gatherings.

I used to judge that about myself, now I just see it as part of who I am and prepare before going out.

I carry a medicine bag of tools with me whenever going out. In it you'll find:

1. Vetiver root, an amazing essential oil ideal for those who dissociate and unground. I use doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. Internal use--place one drop in a glass of water. External use--rub on the bottom of the feet. Personally, I place it on my heart chakra.

2. Lavender oil, is SUPER calming. As a tip, placing the high quality oil on the bottom of your feet and nap of the neck are two perfect spots to let the oils absorb and work their magic.

Essential oils actually breakthrough the blood brain barrier providing gentle healing for body, mind and spirit.

3. Bach's Rescue Remedy for moments of extreme dis-ease.

When using oils and Bach's medicines in combination, I ALWAYS feel relief.

4. Yogi teas such as Ginger, Breathe Deep and Egyptian Licorice Mint. All of these are warming to the body and promotes a feeling of ease and safety.

What's in your medicine bag? How do you prepare for the holidays and other environments that are triggering?