Forgetting today is Beltane - a time of fertility, planting and abundance, I awoke having a deep desire to go outside and dig with my bare hands into the soil of Mother Earth – to physically connect with her presence.  As I sat outside sipping a cup of my favorite coffee I noticed my quaint flower garden had been taken over with weeds.  It rained last night making the ground prime for release.  I knew this was my chance.  So my daughter and I gathered some gardening tools with a mission, for me it was to pull weeds and for her it was to dig for worms – she is my little animal rescuer.

For me pulling weeds is meditative, so bent over on my hands and knees with a clear mind, thoughts began to pour through me.  The soil is a representation of our Being and weeds are those obstacles of false beliefs or parts of me that no longer serve.  Some weeds release their roots with ease when pulled.  Yet others have more of a grip in the Earth – my Being.  In order to remove or change these aspects, or roots, I need to dig deep and grab it by its root. 

Esthetically, simply pulling off the top of the weed may work for a period of time but it does no good because the weed or aspect will just come back – sometimes even stronger.  Therefore, I need tools to really go in and unbury the roots exposing them for extraction.  These tools may come in a platform of forms.  My tools are to meditate, remember who I really am – a Divine Being with a Life Purpose to serve others, a tribe of close like-minded individuals who are supportive, asking myself does this support me, connecting to my Source, listening, pausing, and taking little right actions when I feel directed too.

Pulling weeds is an action.  I cannot simply sit by and expect them to magically be removed.  I must take that first step.  If the ground is hard, the weeds are more difficult to pull and the willingness is not there.  However, if the ground is soft, nurtured by rain from Mother Earth, then the ground is willing for release.  Therefore, I must wait for the right time because change will not come without willingness.

Maybe I am not in enough pain for the willingness to be there.  Or maybe, I need to sit with it a little longer and feel my feelings, honoring my feelings for what they are.  One thing I do know is that for today I remember who I am.  I am a magnificent child of God.  I am created with innate gifts and talents and I have a purpose.  So, if the willingness is not there that is okay because I know I am right where I am supposed to be.