Naomi R. - small business owner

I cannot say enough magnificent things about my Life Coach, Allison McDanel.  Coaching with Allison has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life.  Allison is a skilled and compassionate coach who helps me to find the most exquisite answers that I did not know were inside me.  Most of all, Life Coaching with Allison has allowed me to remember who I really am, what my life’s purpose is, how to connect to the universe and lead a life that I create!!

Allison holds a beautiful, sacred space for me, and it is a place where she helps me move forward, to be in my Life’s Purpose with joy, in my everyday life and in my profession.  In my journey to begin a new business, she has helped me create and move forward, from my heart center. Coaching is more powerful than a discussion with me dearest friends.  It is a personal power that Allison’s coaching facilitated, and she does is masterfully.

Being in this coaching relationship has been a joy in my life!



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